Special Report on Extreme Events

Managing the Risks of Extreme Events and Disasters to Advance Climate Change Adaptation (SREX)

23-26 March 2009 Scoping Meeting Speakers


updated 1 April, 2009
Scoping Meeting Speaker
Speaker Name Affiliation Country Title
David Easterling NOAA / National Climatic Data Center United States Trends in Climate Related Disasters ( Abstract , Presentation_7.5MB )
Akio Kitoh Meteorological Research Institute Japan Projection of Changes in Extremes by Very High Resolution Atmospheric Models ( Abstract , Presentation 7.3MB )
Jose Marengo INPE / Centro de Ciencias do Sistema Terrestre Brazil Impacts of Weather and Climate-Related Extremes Social and Economic Impacts ( Abstract , Presentation_2.2MB )
Andrew Maskrey UN International Strategy for Disaster ReductionUnited Kingdom Disaster Risk, Its Sources, and Its Reduction ( Abstract , Presentation_4MB )
Gordon McBean The University of Western Ontario, Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction Canada Insurance and Other Financing Responses ( Abstract , Presentation_3.3MB )
Franklin McDonald University of the West Indies, Institute for Sustainable Development Jamaica Disaster Management and Emergency Preparedness (Abstract , Presentation_5.9MB )
Roger McLean University of New South Wales Australia Impacts of Weather, Climate and Sea Level-Related Extremes on Coastal Systems and Low-Lying Islands (Abstract , Presentation_23.4MB )
Tom Mitchell University of Sussex, Institute of Development Studies United Kingdom Adaptation and Poverty Reduction: Reflections on Research and Practice ( Abstract , Presentation_0.7MB )
Jose Moreno Universidad de Castilla La ManchaSpain Impacts on Agriculture, Food Security, and Ecosystems (Abstract , Presentation_19.3MB )
Youssef Nassef UNFCCC Secretariat, Adaptation SubprogrammeEgypt UNFCCC Post-2012 Negotiations and the Nairobi Work Programme on Adaptation ( Abstract , Presentation_0.7MB )
Neville Nicholls Monash UniversityAustralia Trends in Extreme Events ( Abstract , Presentation_3.2MB )
Karen OBrien University of Oslo, Global Environmental Change and Human Security ProjectNorway The Social, Institutional and Human Context: A Missing Chapter of the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report? ( Abstract , Presentation_6.9MB )
Maarten van Aalst International Red Cross / Red Crescent Climate Centre The Netherlands Lessons Learned on Risk Management and Data Availability ( Abstract , Presentation_16.2MB )
Coleen Vogel University of WitwatersrandSouth Africa Strategies for Reducing Risks Lessons Learned from Africa ( Abstract , Presentation_3.1MB )
Francis Zwiers Environment CanadaCanada The Detection and Attribution of Extreme Events Changes (Abstract , Presentation_12.5MB )




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